Create a LinkedIn share update

Post a status update of your choice

All languages
Works with macOS and Windows PCs

From Zapier (TRIGGER)

1. Create a new zap
2. Select "Webhooks" as trigger > Catch Hook
3. In the "Pick off a Child Key" section add: {”update”:”my_update"}
4. Copy to clipboard the URL generated by Zapier
5. After clicking on “Ok, I did this”, you should see this:

From Quadro

1. Enter the function panel in the action just downloaded
2. Substitute [link] in “Set text: [link]” with the URL generated by Zapier and previously copied to clipboard
3. Launch the action and write a random text in the query strip appeared on your computer (this random test text might appear on your LinkedIn page, be careful! 😉)
4. Wait for Zapier to show the following screen and click “Continue”:

From Zapier (ACTION)

1. Choose Linkedin as Action App > Create share update
2. Connect your LinkedIn account and select “Continue”
3. In the “Comment” field, click on the “+” icon on the right and select “Update”Go at the bottom of this page and click “Continue”
4. The action is ready, click on “Finish” as the screenshot below:

Everything is done! Rock that action! 🎷