Quick add event

Add an event to your Google Calendar

All languages
Works with macOS and Windows PCs


  1. Create a new applet
  2. Select "Maker Webhooks" as trigger service > Receive a web request
  3. Give a recognisable name to the event and create trigger
  4. Select Google Calendar > Quick add event
  5. Delete the content of the “Quick add text” text box and add the ingredient “Value1”
  6. Create the action and click “Finish”
  7. Go to https://ifttt.com/services/maker_webhooks/settings and copy the the alphanumeric code at the end of the URL

From Quadro

  1. Edit the downloaded action
  2. Substitute [name] in “Set text: [name]” with the IFTTT event name
  3. Substitute [key] with the alphanumeric code obtained in the “Maker settings” page.

Tap and amaze! 😮