Share a LinkedIn update

Quickly share an update on your LinkedIn profile

What you need
All languages
Works with macOS and Windows PCs


  1. Create a new applet
  2. Select "Maker Webhooks" as trigger service > Receive a web request
  3. Give a recognisable name to the event and create trigger
  4. Select LinkedIn > Share an update
  5. Delete the content of the text box and add the ingredient “Value1”
  6. Create the action and click “Finish”
  7. Go to and copy the the alphanumeric code at the end of the URL

From Quadro

  1. Edit the downloaded action
  2. Substitute [name] in “Set text: [name]” with the IFTTT event name
  3. Substitute [key] with the alphanumeric code obtained in the Maker settings page.

Tap and amaze! 😮