Trigger Zap

Using the Webhook channel on Zapier we can make Quadro launch any workflow.

What you need
All languages
Works with macOS and Windows PCs
From Zapier
  1. Create a new zap
  2. Select "Webhooks" as trigger > Catch Hook
  3. In the "Pick off a Child Key" section you can add keys to values we'll pass from Quadro. You can jump this step if you just want to launch the event. [more info at the bottom]
  4. Copy the URL generated by Zapier
  5. Select any action, configure it as you like
From Quadro
  1. Edit the downloaded action
  2. In the URL field, add the URL we copied from Zapier
  3. Tap and amaze 😮

Passing values

We can also trigger the event passing dynamic values, such as a text, number or else.

From Zapier

Follow the first two steps, then in the "Pick off a Child Key" just add names of the keys referring to the values you want to pass to the action.

In the action configuration, you can then compose your output data using selecting the keys you previously defined. (hence, use the value they are related to)

From Quadro
  1. Follow all previous steps
  2. In "Get page content" action, add one or more new fields in the request body
  3. For each new field, add the key specified in Zapier
  4. In the value field, you can either:
  • set a specific value
  • use a variable created in the workflow
  • select "Ask me" to have the value prompted each time
  • select "Get from input" to use a value produced by the previous action

That's it! 😊