Spirit of Quadro

Every time you use Quadro, they will come to haunt you

Cristiano Troffei

CEO, UX/UI/SFX Designer

Natural Born Leader, manages to talk about behavioural patterns even when asked if he’s liking his gelato. Depends on mayonnaise but always stays thin, can solve any tech problem but can't hang a shelf on the wall.
Don't you dare play trashy music at work while he's around.
Enrico Cirone

COO, UX/UI Designer

The captain of the boat, never leaves first, hard worker, always smiling, tried several times to detoxify from Apple products - unsuccessfully. Really hates to have his photo taken. Cat lover.
If you want to seduce him try talking about the underwater world.
Silvia Garis

Voice Management

The mind behind our marketing strategy, manages to be creative on command (if on the right mood). She has tried to involve the team in her yoga classes but this led to a rebellion. Takes great photos, loves hippies, makes typos.
Never, I say never call "friends" the followers on Twitter.
Marisa Da Silva Gomes

User Happiness

The one who kindly replies to all your support requests. Portuguese, raised in Switzerland, living in Italy for love. Loves pineapple on pizza but c’mon Marisa luckily we don't have that here.
Stay away from her if her football team looses.
Alessia Mauro

Team Management

Our half-French studio assistant and social voice, loves movies and TV series more than her mom, but in everything else she is super empathic and caring. Has 2 cats that every night try to kill her. Loves art.
Ask her out on Friday night? Are you kidding? It's too cold outside!
Dario Messina

User development

Content creator and team happiness facilitator, kidnapped from Audio World. Cheerful personality, loves the beach, playing football, Jamaica. Inventor of the ​Sofficino face.
Just promise him nice food and he will do everything you ask him.


Our dev team is not internal, but kicks ass


…but also Eugenio Soddu, Francesco Rua and Francesca Mondelli


‘Cuz hard work is rarely enough…



Club Italia Investimenti 2


Francesco Galliero

Business Angel